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Focused Absolute Value®

Strategy Overview

River Road’s Focused Absolute Value® (FAV & FAV II) Strategies are concentrated, all cap value strategies comprised of what the analyst team believes are the ‘best and most timely ideas’ selected from the stocks held across all River Road U.S. equity strategies.

The Strategies combine the firm’s proven investment processes with the stock picking skills of River Road portfolio managers and collective insights and opinions of the firm’s analyst team.

The Strategies seek to remain fully invested at all times, are index independent, and are highly opportunistic.  The minimum market cap for investment in the FAV Strategy is $250 MM versus $1 B for the FAV II Strategy, at the time of initial purchase.

Investment Objective

The Focused Absolute Value® Strategies seek to outperform the Russell 3000 Value by a minimum of 200 bps gross of fees annualized, with equal or less volatility, over a market cycle.


Focused Absolute Value® Inception Date: January 1, 2009

Focused Absolute Value® II Inception Date: January 1, 2017