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Compliance, Trading & Operations

Compliance & Legal

Tom Mueller

Thomas D. Mueller, CFA, CPA

Chief Operating Officer &
Chief Compliance Officer

Meagan Snyder

Meagan N. Snyder, JD

Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

Beth Haas

Beth Haas

Senior Specialist, Compliance

Emma M. Travis

Emma M. Travis

Coordinator, Compliance



Chris Fiorito

Christopher K. Fiorito

Director of Global Equity Trading

Tina Ray

Tina M. Ray

Senior Equity Trader

Jena Brummett

Jena M. Brummett

Senior Equity Trader



Sarah Riddle

Sarah M. Riddle

Manager, Portfolio Accounting

Lukas McKinley

Lukas R. McKinley

Coordinator, Portfolio Accounting



Shawn Schmidt

Shawn R. Schmidt

Manager, Finance

Adrienne Holtzworth

Adrienne M. Holtzworth

Specialist, Finance


Data Management & Information Technology

L. Tom Griffin

L. Tom Griffin

Director of Data Management

Anita George Valloor

Anita George Valloor

Senior Specialist, Data Management

Kirthi Rao

Kirthi E. Rao

Specialist, Data Management

Jacob Meyers

Jacob R. Meyers

Specialist, Information Technology